Sexy pantyhose pinup girl Jo E


There are a lot of sites that do vintage and retro pinup girl images and videos. We love the throw back aspect of it as some of those original pinup girls are just as sexy today as they were 50 to 60 years ago. We haven’t seen ONLY TEASE do this regularly but every once in a while they will get one of their models to wear something that would look hot in a bygone era to pay respect to those beautiful and curvy women. Here’s a gallery of the cute and sexy Jo E wearing a retro styled swimsuit with her high heels and sheer pantyhose. Instead of a thong style bikini bottom, Jo E is wearing pink hip hugging bottoms that show off her body quite nicely. The top of her swimsuit doesn’t last long… heck her entire outfit gets shed pretty quickly so we can see that petite frame of her while she poses topless in her nylons. Enjoy folks and if you’d like to see more amazing pics of Jo E and other hot leg babes in pantyhose and stockings, why not check out Only Tease today!


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