Zoligirls Carissa in her cheerleader uniform and shiny pantyhose

zoligirls teen cheerleader carissa

We have another killer gallery of ZOLIGIRLS Carissa to share with you today. This sexy teen model has slipped into another cheerleader uniform, this time red with a very short skirt that almost exposes the bottom of her ass cheeks. Socks and shiny pantyhose finishes off this cute and sexy outfit. Carissa strikes a number of poses to show off her curvy legs and even does some high kicks for good measure. The best shot that we think Zoli was able to catch is when Carissa jumped into the air and did the splits mid jump. You get to see the tiny red shorts she was wearing underneath. Such a gorgeous young lady and we only wish there were more releases featuring this babe. Tomorrow will be our final post of Carissa and we have saved the best for last. Tune in tomorrow to check it out for yourself!


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