Carissa in a Hooters uniform with socks and shiny pantyhose

Zoligirls Carissa Hooters uniform

One of the staple uniforms you’ll find at ZOLIGIRLS is the Hooters uniform. Most of their models have posed in them and that includes Carissa, a sexy model that you’ll find in the archives of the site and one that we’ve been sharing over the last couple of days. Boy, she does look sexy in it as well, doesn’t she? We would probably spend a lot of money at our local restaurant if she were the waitress we got to deal with each time. Carissa is wearing the classic orange satin shorts that are a bit too small and a bit too tight, hugging that amazing ass of hers. Her legs look outstanding in her socks and shiny pantyhose as well. Of course this former high school cheerleader can certainly stretch and shows off her flexibility by doing the splits in her Hooters outfit. Well done Carissa. Want to see more of this teen pantyhose cutie? Head on over to Zoligirls today and get instant access to their amazing archive of pictures and images!


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